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Our company was asked by an interactive agency to code an interesting graphic design. This is the only website in our portfolio made using the WordPress system. The site was designed in a way that is friendly to people with disabilities, and despite a number of restrictive accessibility restrictions, thanks to the experience and skills of the designers, it has maintained a friendly graphical interface and an interesting design. Optimization of the site does not deviate from our standards and achieves a satisfactory score of 95+. Our company was solely responsible for the front end aspect of the application.

KIM is a fully customized website with graphic design and selected modules. The cost of making a site is priced individually based on the needs and expectations presented by each client.

Technical data

As in the other realizations, the site has our company's proprietary JS scripts, which have been customized to meet accessibility requirements. The site's system has been optimized, so that key parameters such as FCP, LCP, CLS received overly positive results in optimization tests.

The main strengths of the site are:

  • PageSpeed score of more than 95+
  • The application is friendly to users with disabilities
  • The CMS has been structured to allow seamless operation and addition of content
  • The site contains a number of efficient animations, enhancing its appearance
Technical data

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The site has been made friendly to users with disabilities: it is possible to enhance the site's interface at will, navigate using the keyboard, view content using screen readers, and use specially prepared modules. Despite a number of simplifications, the site has retained a friendly graphical interface and an interesting design. Our implementation has a high level of optimization and was fully adapted to mobile devices.

Technical data

Application test National Media Institute

KIM is distinguished by its substantial graphic design and is one of the best optimized government institution websites in the country. We have made every effort to ensure that the KIM website, despite the large number of graphics and animations, as well as the high level of sophistication of the modules, received satisfactory scores in speed and optimization tests at 95+. The solutions used allow the site to load quickly and guarantee smooth operation of the site and a positive user experience.

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