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A professional website is dozens of hours of work by the best paid professionals in the country. I described the cost of making a professional website in this article, taking into account all costs at each stage of development. But what to do when your budget does not allow you to buy a customized solution? Is buying a non-professional application at a low price a good solution? No, it isn't. I know of a much better solution, which will give you a site worth 6,000zl at a price not exceeding 1,000zl. It sounds like a scam, so to avoid any doubts I took the liberty of describing this option in more detail.

Ready made websites - what is it actually?

Analyzing the web development market, I noticed that it has quite a shortage in the segment of low-cost websites. Yes, there are a huge number of contractors who pride themselves on being professional developers, but all you need to do is check a few offerings with the help of tests, to find out that the sites they offer, to put it mildly, are not even close to professionalism. So how do you reconcile a low budget with the large number of hours needed to make a professional application? You have to make the site in advance and sell it repeatedly. It might seem that no one is discovering America here, because such a solution already exists and is called templates. However, template solutions have several disadvantages that we would like to avoid, which you will read about later in the article. To sum up: ready-made websites are professionally designed reusable applications!

The difference between a template and a ready-made website

The main disadvantage of a template that should be eliminated is redundant code. Templates include several color variations, additional modules and libraries that make editing the site easier. However, let's consider which of these functionalities do we really need in the final phase? For example, we don't need dozens of layouts or color versions, and we don't need a whole library since we only use part of the functionality. How then to solve this problem? Simply - customize the template according to the client's needs each time and do not make additional, unnecessary network loads! Thanks to this solution, our base sites are extremely fast and can compete with professional solutions.

Another disadvantage of templates is not due to their concept, but rather to the fact that it is very difficult to find a professional website template. And even if you manage to find one that scores well in Google tests, it turns out in the situation of launching a website that the price is not at all template-like. So how to solve this problem? Again, very simple: invest and create a list of professional ready-to-use reusable solutions that can be offered to future customers at competitive prices.

The question of editing remained - if we remove all the "boosters" from the template, won't its editing be more difficult? Yes and no. Even if editing the content of the site, replacing images or the service aspect itself does not change, editing the appearance of the site, adding modules or integrations must be done by a professional. Here, however, the hourly package, which is included in the purchase of the site, comes to the rescue.

So how do ready-made sites differ from professional solutions?

Price! In the case of ready-made solutions, this one is much lower. Oh, and also the fact that several people can order them. If you have doubts you can test one of our ready-made solutions and compare it to individual pages. We guarantee that the results may surprise you. In addition, the fact that someone else will buy a pre-designed website does not necessarily mean that they will be your competitor. I have done both catering and architectural projects on a single template, and each solution has been customized for the industry. In addition, we have in-house security to avoid such situations.

How the order of a site based on ready-made solutions goes:

1. Design selection

In the templates page you will find a list of designs that are waiting to become your professional website!There are about 20 more designs in the pipeline, so it's a good idea to check this tab from time to time.

2. Filling out the form

To order a project, just fill out the contact or order form, located under the list of projects or in the detailed description of each project. If you do not know what to ask - just send the form. We will respond to it and together determine what to do next.

3. Action scheme

Together we establish the goals we would like to achieve together and make an analysis whether the project you have chosen is the right one. At this stage we also set a deadline for the work.

4. Editing the project

You send us your materials: photos, logotype, content and expectations about functionality. We put this information together, possibly hiring appropriate specialists if you need additional content, photos or graphic work. We check if we can meet your expectations in the package you selected, and then we get to work. We complete a team consisting of a programmer and a graphic designer, who transform the vision of the site into code based on the design you choose. A psychologist also works on your project to test the user experience of the site, including intuitiveness, visibility of key information, aesthetics, feel of colors, photographs and overall content delivery.

5. Payment for the service provided

You receive a finished website for approval. Once the project is approved, you make payment. If your changes are at a higher level of sophistication, you can also purchase additional hourly packages.

6. Move the site to the server

After payment, we transfer your site to the designated server.


Imagine a beautiful, spacious and well-designed house. Someone builds it in his company, then dismantles it and once again builds it at the client's place. Yes, and I create a site for you from the modules prepared in advance. The analogy of a house here is not accidental - ask yourself whether you would rather have a villa prepared according to the scheme or a tin garage designed individually? I leave the answer to you :)