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We offer a ready-made online store based on the PrestaShop engine, which has been optimized for performance and stripped of unnecessary libraries, allowing it to achieve high results in Google Page Speed tests. Our store includes custom code combined with a publicly available engine, so anyone can edit it and use many modules and contractors.We offer two types of services: implementation of the store in the form of a subscription or a one-time service. As part of the comprehensive implementation service, we provide implementation of products (in an amount comparable to the number of products added in the demo), color customization, content entry, payment configuration, as well as optional product import and custom graphic design.

Technical data

We offer a ready-made online store made of pure JS, HTML and CSS. Our store has been carefully tested and optimized, making it fast and reliable. It is easy to use and allows easy editing, so anyone can customize it to suit their needs.

  • Ready made online store based on PrestaShop engine
  • Implementation of the store in the form of a subscription or a one-time service
  • Implement products, adjust color scheme, enter content, configure payments
  • Optional import of products and individual graphic design
  • Store optimized for performance and stripped of unnecessary libraries
Technical data

Ready made online store

More and more people are accessing the Internet on their mobile devices, so it is important for an online store to work well on these devices. If an online store doesn't work well on mobile devices, it can scare off potential customers and drive them to use another store. Good mobility of an online store is especially important if the store offers a variety of products and services, as it allows for convenient and easy online shopping even when traveling or away from home. A store based on the PrestaShop engine, which has been optimized for performance and stripped of unnecessary libraries, should run quickly and efficiently, which will increase the number of orders.

Technical data

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Optimizing an online store is extremely important due to several factors. First, the loading speed of a website is of great importance to its users. If a page takes too long to load, users may become discouraged and leave the site, which reduces traffic and can have a negative impact on sales. Second, page loading speed also affects search engine positioning. Search engines, such as Google, are more likely to include websites with higher loading speeds in their search results, which can help increase traffic.

In addition, optimizing a store reduces its size and resource consumption, which can have a positive impact on its performance and scalability. This can be especially important for high-traffic online stores that may have a heavy load on servers. Finally, optimizing your store allows you to make better use of its capabilities and functionality, which can contribute to a better user experience and increased sales.

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Our team of specialists has designed and developed our web applications to deliver a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Our websites also benefit from better search engine optimization than those created using website builders or poorly optimized applications. With features such as forms, surveys, photo galleries, and more, our websites offer a wide range of capabilities that go beyond what a website builder or unoptimized solution can provide. So if you're looking for a professional website, consider investing in our expertly crafted solutions.

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