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KDK Wina

Product Catalogue For true connoisseurs of beauty

The animated product catalog presents the offer of a rapidly growing enterprise, engaged in importing French wines. For the owner of KDK Wines, we designed a custom application with product photos, textual content of the site, individual graphic design and modules responsible for attractive animations of the presented products. The aesthetic theme of the template refers to the sunny slopes of France, and the color scheme is a mixture of hues associated with wine, relaxation and pleasure.

The cost of making an analogous site: PLN 10,000.

Technical data

For the implementation, we made a custom graphic design, along with animation designs and a system of transitions between sections. The site includes custom HTML5 and CSS3 code and proprietary JavaScript solutions.

The main strengths of the site are:

  • Performance
  • No additional dependencies
  • Unique offer presentation system
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Custom JS modules
Technical data

KDK Wines

The application has an animated product catalog combined with an ordering and inquiry system. In addition, for the implementation, we coded a ribbon animation module and a special slideshow for effective browsing of product offerings. KDK Wina is a project optimized and adapted to mobile devices, so it retains its full functionality regardless of screen size.

Technical data

Application test KDK Wines

Custom graphic design requires the use of many professional images, which can slow down the process of loading the site, but despite the difficulties, we managed to achieve the effect of speed and optimization at a satisfactory level of 90+, which translates into a high position of the site in Google search. The test results depend on many factors and are subject to updates all the time (the results may vary slightly depending on the server and the country of the tester).

To confirm our results, click on the individual tests and you will be redirected directly to tools measuring speed, optimization and errors on the site. You can read about what exactly each result means here.

We encourage you to test the KDK Wine app:

Overall assessment

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