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The layout of the project refers to a classic work in a subdued style, and the visual elements and typography create a coherent and logical composition. The application has been designed with the food and catering industries in mind, and to this end we have equipped it with a number of innovative modules, such as an interactive menu or a stationary store system. It is also possible to adapt it to other specialties, especially those from which class and elegance are required.

The cost of making the site: PLN 8000. You can get it for less than PLN 2000.

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Dane techniczne

To ensure that the application is fully optimized and comfortable to use, the project is equipped with a number of modules that guarantee efficient loading of content, without the need to reload the page. We do not use ready-made solutions - Food is based on custom HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 code.

Dane techniczne

Do you like it?

Food is a ready-made base design, but what sets it apart from template solutions is the lack of restrictions on modifying content, colors, images, modules or integrations. The site can be freely expanded or changed, and details can be adjusted according to the needs of the industry. Food is a design optimized and adapted to mobile devices, so it retains its full functionality regardless of screen size.

Dane techniczne

Application test Food

The Food application was pre-optimized, scoring very high in rigorous speed, performance and optimization tests. Solutions for fast page loading guarantee smooth operation of the application and a positive user experience. The test results depend on many factors and are subject to updates all the time (results may vary slightly depending on the server and testing country).

To confirm our results, click on the individual tests and you will be redirected directly to tools that measure speed, optimization and errors on the site. You can read about exactly what each result means here.

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